I’m posting this first-ever post from an internet cafe because I don’t, as of yet, have any internet at home on the old laptop I use to work on my novel (35,552 words so far!), but hopefully both the laptop and the internet situation is all set to change. Why is that, I hear you ask?

Oh, you didn’t ask? Someone must have passed gas, then…

Anyway, the reason I’m so positive that soon my life will be changing for the better is because Monday marks the day I’ll be starting my new job as a Playworker with the YMCA. It involves working with children, organising and supervising (and anything else beginning with ‘sing’ I can’t think of right now, but I’m sure are out there… deputising?) their activities both within the YMCA health centre and at after-school clubs. The position is only for 6 months, but by that time I should have procured a teaching assistant position within a new primary school round the corner from where I live, so the transition will be practically smooth, Summer holidays excluded.

On a similar note, my novel for NaNoWriMo – called PSI – is rocketing along at a pleasantly surprising pace. I’ve had positive feedback and enthusiasm from a wide-range of readers and soon-to-be readers, and it shouldn’t be at all long before I can send a polished draft off to a prospective agent or two.

Here’s hoping things stay good, folks!