After what must seem like an AGE since my last post (medical problems, sorry about that), I’ll be returning to the blog at full-force as of next week.

And what better way to kick things off (again) than with a spiffy author interview with none other than Ivan Brett, author of the gut-bustingly¬†funny ‘Casper Candlewacks¬†in Death by Pigeon!’ (see review a couple of posts below). That should be up Monday, closely followed by news and reviews regarding (but not limited to) the first three ‘Invisible Fiends’ books by Barry Hutchison, ‘Scream Street: Heart of the Mummy’ by Tommy Donbavand (yes, I know it’s only Book 3, I’m behind), Darren Shan’s ‘Birth of a Killer’, my take on the recent episodes of Doctor Who (in two words: love it!), and MORE!

Stay tuned, folks!