Day 9 – Extreme Roolz!

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Last night I wound up stranded in New Cross because my last train home got canceled. Luckily, my girlfriend’s wonderful family let me sleep in the living room.

I’m home now, of course, but I couldn’t sleep for a few hours because my girl is a huge WWE fan, and was watching the latest Pay Per View, Extreme Rules. And it was really, really good!

Sure, there were a few throwaway matches, but 90% of the PPV was awesome.

Since this is yesterday’s blog, expect another one tonight.



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Soooo… Yeah, no need to ask what I’ve been up to today. Needless to say, I loved every minute of it, and the comic geek in me was satisfied that every character had been treated equally (unlike everyone other than Sly in The Expendables).

Sure, there were some confusing points, and some tiny plot holes, but what it is and what it’s been promising since Iron Man/Hulk, The Avengers delivers. And then some.

And if you thought the post-credit teasers were over now the movie is out, you couldn’t be more wrong. No spoilers, but just wait around and see… Although maybe only the hardcore comic fans will get it. Myself, I had a “OMG! NO WAY!” moment that confused and embarrassed my girlfriend in equal measure…

Just… See it.

Til tomorrow!


Day 7 – The Magic Game That Never Should Have Been

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I know it’s a bit late… Had trouble getting my app to work after re-installation.

Anyways, for those that don’t know, Magic: The Gathering is a collectible/trading card game where you summon monsters to fight your battles for you, like MEN. I won’t go into too much details on the mechanics as a) I’m tired, b) there’s plenty of good sites dedicated to explaining the rules (of which there’s practically a billion) and c) what, do I look like Wikipedia?

Back on track… We were playing a 5-way game, and it quickly became apparent that each of our decks was formidable in it’s own way, and that the first one foolish enough to attack would find himself annihilated moments later. This brought about a peace treaty that went on for a good hour or two, every one of us just using our turns to bolster our forces. By the time someone thought they had a big enough advantage to win in one move, he quickly found out this was not the case. The treaty quickly feel apart at this point as, one by one the players feel beneath the onslaught of the rest… Until it was just me and my best friend.

I had five life points left.

He had ninety-four.

He conceded.

Best friends are awesome.

Until tomorrow!


Day 6! Twitter Writing Chats!

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For those of you who aren’t aware, Twitter chats are when you and a bunch of likeminded people get together to discuss subjects under a common hashtag.

The three I’ve found for writers are #kidlitchat (Tuesdays 6pm EST/Wednesday 2am GMT), #yalitchat (Wednesday 6pm EST/Thursday 2am GMT), and #mglitchat (Thursday 6pm EST/Friday 2am GMT).

Just last night, on #yalitchat, I learnt that there’s more to YA than unlikeable girls falling in love with supernatural guys who, beyond all logic, seem to find this dour emo the hottest thing ever. Who knew?

I look forward to many more enlightening chats – come join us!

Til tomorrow!


Day 5 – Twice in a Row?!

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Yes, twice. I’m beginning to have serious doubts about this WordPress app. I might have to consider re-installing it.

Anyway, onto the original post…

I’m working on several manuscripts these days. Why? Because that’s how I roll…

No, but seriously, I do it because even though I have the urge to write every day, I’m not always in the mood to write the same thing. I mean, I can’t always write mystery. Sometimes I want to write comedy, or horror, or even action. By working on several novels consecutively, I can cater to whatever genre suits my mood without that mood interfering with a novel it would be unsuitable for.

So next time you find yourself in a funny mood halfway though your adventure, consider starting a comedy rather than trying to force a laugh in there.

Writers block is, to me, refusing to cater to the writing mood you’re in at the time. If you’re a writer, you can always write – don’t let “but I can’t write my novel” get in the way!

Until tomorrow!



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So, this was supposed to go up yesterday but, like my review of Crowmaster, my WordPress app said it was uploading the post, but sent it to Drafts instead. So, here it is, slightly delayed…

Day 4!

So, I was looking at the magazines available at the local Sainsbury’s, and amongst them I found the latest edition of Xbox Magazine. Taking centre stage on the cover was Master Chief, with the words ‘HALO 4’, and it got me thinking…

When did people start naming the sixth game in the series #4 (not including ‘Halo Wars’, as it wasn’t a shooter)? The first instance I can think of is ‘GTA IV’, which is actually GTA…what? GTA 7, or something? But because it’s the first ‘true sequel’ to the GTA franchise, they’re going to pretend Vice City, San Andreas and the like never happened?

Does this happen in books? Not that I’m aware of… Well, comic books, yeah; those guys are retconning Batman, Spider-man and Co. like there’s no tomorrow. But I’ll save that for another blog…

Back to novels – are there any examples of this ‘true sequel, so skip the ones in-between’ nonsense? If so, please let me know.

Assassin’s Creed 3! That’s another game that’s done it…

Coming up in future blogs!

An interview with Ivan Brett: His books are about a village of idiots. But can the man himself pass… The Idiot Test?

Reviews: Invisible Fiends: Doc Mortis, some of the Marvel Graphic Novel Collection…

And more!

‘Til then!


Day 3 -No Adventuring For Me

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So… Today was supposed to be another game of D&D (different campaign) but only two of us turned up, not including the DM. So, I spent the afternoon watching YouTube video walkthroughs of a game called “Happy Wheels,” which is a crazy-mental Trial Bike clone. And they were hilarious, albeit not for younger viewers/players.

Got one of my favourite graphic novels back from a friend: Astonishing Spider-man and Wolverine. It involves the dysfunctional duo hopping between times, battling weird stuff and, at one point, Dark Phoenix Wolverine.

I’ll just say that last bit again: Dark Phoenix Wolverine.

I really can’t recommend the book enough, give it a try!

That’s all for today… I need to do some writing before I get too tired.


Day 2! Some sites…

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Today, I want to take a quick second and list a few sites I use when it comes to my writing…

Absolute Write – A forum of likeminded writers of every genre and age-range. Some are professionals, and published, others – like me- are budding authors. ALL are extremely friendly and helpful. A great second home for any writer.

Retake – My first foray into writing comics. Retake is a superhero comic with a sci-fi flair. If you can wade through the wordy first issue (I was a bit green, way back when) I highly recommend it. But then I would, wouldn’t I?

Relik – If you enjoyed Retake, and want more of it’s hero and his world, than you’re in luck! This comic chronicles his ongoing adventures. Enjoy!

That’s it for the self-pimping. Here’s a site that ISN’T mine…

Barry Hutchison – If you don’t know who this guy is, you’ve not been reading my reviews. An awesome author, and true inspiration. Check him out.

Well, that’s it for another day! Until tomorrow!


A New Challenge!

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In the bid to get this blog up and running again, I’ve decided to post a blog every day, for the next 30 days.

First post!

Played the first game in a new D&D campaign today, and it. Was. Hilarious.

I play a Raku-n (yes, a 4’5″ Raccoonfolk) Treasure Hunter (read: more honest and adventurous Rogue) who has crazy dexterity, intelligence and disable device, search and knowledge skills. He is awesome and I love him.

.. And then there’s the party members. The Warlock is fine, but the CLERIC…!

Bare with me…

1) We successfully bluff a guard on the other side of the door that we, too, were guards. The cleric then goes in, manages to bluff his way halfway across the room… Then asks the guard “Where are we?” Guard comes to his senses, and attacks!

2) The cleric busts down every door we come across. All of which were unlocked to begin with. These doors then reset once we leave the room… Only for him to bust them down again.

3) My TH successfully spies through a keyhole at 2 kneeling figures. He then successfully opens the door and enters on a Move Silently check… Then the Cleric hears a voice he recognises, barges past me, and alerts the villains!

3) We’re instructed NOT to mention the tomb we’re looking for, or name the woman who lies there once we reach the town… The cleric goes from hut to hut, asking about the tomb. An angry peasant hits him with a vase for ONE DAMAGE… Cleric responds by cleaving the poor bastard’s head down the middle. This enrages the entire village, who attack! The Warlock and I say “You’re in your own,” and retreat to the woods.


5) Arrrrgh…

So! That’s the first blog – twenty-nine to go!