So, I’ve been writing short stories and Novellas around my children’s novels, so I always have something to write even if in not in the mood to work on my novels. The more deeply I get into the latter, the less this happens, but I still have quite a folder of delightful tales that have yet to be shared.

I’m currently in the process of negotiating the showcasing of some of my Novellas as eBooks on a comic site (more on that in a later blog) for a flat yearly fee (to me, not from me – I have a bit of an issue against the current state of online writing that we, as the writers, are expected to pay, especially if we’re trying to get a comic out there. But, again, more on that in another blog). But, other than the comic deal, I’ve yet to experience any success in the freelance writing market. The only short stories I’ve ever had published online was on Neopets, and that was for no money. Grateful though I am for the experience, I’m still trying to break into the paying writing market.

I know it’s possible – just gotta keep at it!

Til tomorrow!