If the title confused you, allow me to explain… I write all my blogs on a WordPress app on my phone, and Android have a texting function called ‘Swype’. So, instead of pressing each of the touchscreen keys individually, you simply press the first key, then slide your finger across every letter in the word you want to write.

It has its drawbacks, namely the predictive text. Swype often suggests ‘with’ when I want ‘will’, ‘wad’ instead of ‘was’ and, er, ‘ass’ for both ‘as’ AND ‘add’.

And then, once in a while, it’ll throw up a word that a) is nothing like what I was aiming for and b) I’ve never heard before. Luckily, this is where another app comes in handy. Enter ‘Dictionary.com’ to the rescue!

With its help, I was able to look up a few of these words, and here they are:

Sibilant – hissing

Seri – Native American people from Mexico

Abhor – to detest utterly, to loathe.

Bequeath – to pass on possessions/money by way of last will.

Amazing… Might do more of these as and when Swype throws another curveball.

Until tomorrow!