This blog entry didn’t even get saved to Drafts, so I’m going to have to rewrite it as best I can, from memory.

I’m entering a funny-novel competition… Did I mention that already? My memory’s so bad, I canny remember if I wrote about it in a past blog, or just in the original version of this one.

Either way, the deadline is the 30th of July, so I’ve got plenty of time to finish up the final draft, check it through my betas, and send it off, laffs an all!

I won’t say much other than its roughly a 16k children’s novel about wannabe superheroes, and its a blast to write!

On a side note, I received a rejection letter from a publisher of online flash fiction for an old short story I submitted. The letter format didn’t work for them, but they all found it very funny, which left me with two thoughts:

1) It was, by far, the nicest rejection I’ve ever received, and I’ll definitely submit other works to them in future.

2) The fact that 5 different editors/publishers found my writing great and funny (despite not being what they were looking for) fills me with enormous confidence, not only for the future of my funny-novel contest entry, but for my fledgling writing career in general.

Wish me luck.

Until tomorrow/later today, when I catch up on the other lost day!