Another Monday passes, and with it another crazy D&D session featuring my Raku-n Treasure Hunter (raccoon-folk rogue). And boy, did things get weird…

We come across two statues that are enchanted with life the moment we get close enough. After a while, Sphinx (my character’s name) decides his crossbow isn’t doing the job – he’ll either have to spend a round reloading a fresh clip, or get… Creative.

Needless to say, he opts for the latter. He springs forward, digs a hand into one of the statues – which turn out to be armoured mechanical constructs – and, after a few tries – rips out a cog that destroys it from the inside.

Later, the party come across a fifteen feet tall guardian, after bypassing a sneaky trap with two tripwires and a concealed wall. At first, we try luring it back through the corridor, towards the trap, which Sphinx then triggers once the guardian gets within range. The trap activates, but sadly its not the crushing-wall type we all hoped it would be, but a spring-loaded dart one, the results of which the guardian mostly shrugs off. After a frantic short battle in the tight corridor, Sphinx once again resorts to basics, eventually ripping the leg off a gigantic machine.

With the tomb’s guardian dealt with, into the main tomb! And it’s all marble. Inside the empty coffin (uh-oh…) is a single key. And on a plinth behind the coffin, a single bottle containing a mysterious black liquid. The warlock in the team detects faint magic, but no one else dares touch it. Eventually, Sphinx says “Stuff it!” and takes a sip. The black liquid doesn’t respond kindly to this, and forces itself completely down his throat. Yum.

Now Sphinx is a bit shaken, but he’s survived the experience, so naturally he now believes he has inherited the liquid’s magic! Upon returning to the entrance to the tomb, which was previously blocked by a large boulder as soon as we entered, we arrive in time to see it slowly shift out of the way. Thanks, Sphinx is sure, to his new magic belly – the very earth itself obeys him!

But no. It was a dark dwarf and drow. Not that Sphinx cared: he was too busy exercising his new “powers”, and trying to shift rubble by will alone.

Then he started walking back to the mansion where the campaign began. On his hands. He woulda made it, too, but a boring half-orc decided to carry him the rest of the way.

Until tomorrow!