Yes, this should’ve been posted on Thursday, but that was the day of my girlfriend’s 25th. And did we have a great time (not like that, you cheeky monkeys)!

We went to London, for a bit of sightseeing on the London Eye River Cruise. It was only a little chilly, so the two of us persevered on the open top-deck to take many great photos as the informative-yet-chicken tour guide told us all about the buildings lining the Thames, both old and new.

On our ride, we saw the Spire…


The Tower of London…


And a pirate ship next to a pub.


There was also a small ship on top of a theatre that served as a single-room hotel AND art installation, but the cruise shot past it before I had a chance to snap it. Just google “A Room for London” if you’re curious.

That was the afternoon – I’ll save the evening for the next post!

Until then!