So, yeah, my girlfriend and I went on a river cruise for her birthday – but the fun didn’t stop there! Oh, no…

After a small spot of retail shopping (during which I freaked out on the lowest level of Topshop – did you know there’s no name for the fear of being underground? Surely it should be something like Subterraniphobia, right?), we met her best friend and his wife for Nandos… And then went out to hit the town!

First stop, the Ice Bar! Created by the same people who created the Ice Hotel, the Ice Bar is exactly what it sounds like: a bar, made of ice.

Before you go in, a protective cloak that makes you look like an Eskimo is thrown over you. This cloak has a pair of insulated gloves attached, gloves you’ll quickly become thankful for as you step though the doors… Into a wall of cold air.

A 40 minute timer is projected onto the wall which is, of course, made of ice. As are the bars, the chairs, the sculptures and wall carvings. The only things not made of ice are the staff and the sheet metal flooring, the latter of which stick to the soles of your shoes every now and then.

You get a free drink with the price of admission, and I – seeing as how I don’t really drink – made mine a non-alcoholic one. It sounded lovely, looked great in it’s hollowed-out icecube glass, and I’m sure I would’ve loved it. But then I found out the hard way that

A) The ice counters were made of ice, and had widely curved edges. And…

B) Curved ice counter edge + icecube glass = the metal floor enjoying my drink for me.

So I spent the next 35 minutes with no drink, but great surroundings, and even greater company.


Me, with my beautiful girlfriend. No prizes for guessing who’s who…

But the night didn’t end there!

That comes later…