Sorry, fell asleep and forgot I hadn’t caught up…

So, after the Ice Bar the four of us went next door to a place called Strawberry Moons – go in there and say you’re a friend of Dave’s. They won’t know who you mean, but I’ll probably find it funny – a bar/nightclub packed from wall to wall with party people. Needless to say, I felt out of my element, but Misha led us to the dancefloor just as an ABBA/Steps tribute band (I know, right?) finished up. There followed a weird few minutes during which a man-woman host judged a limbo competition (the stick was held by two half-naked guys, I kid you not. And they held it with different… Er, muscles as the stick was lowered). A long dance marathon followed. But I don’t dance, so I mostly stood by the railing, and held onto her bag for dear life.

Come half midnight, Misha had finally had her fill of boogying, and we all caught a sleepy bus home.

It was definitely one of the most varied, interesting, and at times downright weird days out I’ve ever experienced. But I wouldn’t change a thing.

Until tomorrow!