Blog Revival Plans & Novel Update!

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Hello, my little tiddlywinks! It is I, the Blogmaster General, here to inform all and sundry that I fully intend to return to this blog with a vengeance!

I’ll be posting reviews of not just the rest of the INVISIBLE FIENDS series, but the complete SKULDUGGERY PLEASANT and DEPARTMENT 19 series, too.

Why those two particular series, I hear you ask?

Because they’re awesome.

That is all.

No, really.

Oh, alright, here’s the secret: the good and kind people at HarperCollins Children’s Books have sent me copies of both the latest DEPT 19 book (BATTLE LINES) and the SKULDUGGERY spin-off, THE MALEFICENT SEVEN. Expect a rollercoaster of reviews to come!

Now, for the novel news: I submitted the first thirty pages of THE ENIGMA FILES to Brooks Sherman back in the middle of December, 2012 (as opposed to, erm, December 2013…? Eh, you know what I meant).

He finally had the chance to read it, liked what he read, and wants to read the entire thing! I sent it off this afternoon – fingers crossed!!

That is all.

No, really this time. You’re dismissed.


PS: Are you still here? Hmm, okay then, here’s some Super Saiyan French Fries:


Happy? You may leave now.

Day 30 -An Odd End…

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This is the thirtieth post, but obviously not on the thirtieth day (WP drafted this one, as well). I’ve hit a lot of obstacles along the way, but I persevered, and got out the other end alive!

Thanks to everyone who read the entries – I’ll try and be more frequent with future posts. So that means more book reviews, author interviews, and maybe some original short stories.

Stay tuned!



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So, this was supposed to go up yesterday but, like my review of Crowmaster, my WordPress app said it was uploading the post, but sent it to Drafts instead. So, here it is, slightly delayed…

Day 4!

So, I was looking at the magazines available at the local Sainsbury’s, and amongst them I found the latest edition of Xbox Magazine. Taking centre stage on the cover was Master Chief, with the words ‘HALO 4’, and it got me thinking…

When did people start naming the sixth game in the series #4 (not including ‘Halo Wars’, as it wasn’t a shooter)? The first instance I can think of is ‘GTA IV’, which is actually GTA…what? GTA 7, or something? But because it’s the first ‘true sequel’ to the GTA franchise, they’re going to pretend Vice City, San Andreas and the like never happened?

Does this happen in books? Not that I’m aware of… Well, comic books, yeah; those guys are retconning Batman, Spider-man and Co. like there’s no tomorrow. But I’ll save that for another blog…

Back to novels – are there any examples of this ‘true sequel, so skip the ones in-between’ nonsense? If so, please let me know.

Assassin’s Creed 3! That’s another game that’s done it…

Coming up in future blogs!

An interview with Ivan Brett: His books are about a village of idiots. But can the man himself pass… The Idiot Test?

Reviews: Invisible Fiends: Doc Mortis, some of the Marvel Graphic Novel Collection…

And more!

‘Til then!