New Facebook Page


Following the steps and advice of published authors, I’ve decided to set-up an author page on Facebook. You can view it here. Please Like it and tell your friends about it – when the page gets 50+ Likes, I’ll celebrate with you all by posting an excerpt from my current draft of the first Enigma Files, so you can all have a taste of what to expect when the full book finally gets accepted and published.


PS: Blog, Twitter, Facebook… Are there any other social platforms I should consider adding to the list? Let me know in the comments!

Day 6! Twitter Writing Chats!

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For those of you who aren’t aware, Twitter chats are when you and a bunch of likeminded people get together to discuss subjects under a common hashtag.

The three I’ve found for writers are #kidlitchat (Tuesdays 6pm EST/Wednesday 2am GMT), #yalitchat (Wednesday 6pm EST/Thursday 2am GMT), and #mglitchat (Thursday 6pm EST/Friday 2am GMT).

Just last night, on #yalitchat, I learnt that there’s more to YA than unlikeable girls falling in love with supernatural guys who, beyond all logic, seem to find this dour emo the hottest thing ever. Who knew?

I look forward to many more enlightening chats – come join us!

Til tomorrow!